About Oils By Nature

Oils By Nature is established based on personal background and experiences with natural oils. After an unforgettable journey to northwest Africa, we realized the liquid gold that was Argan oil, which comes from the fruit that grows on the tree sort Argania Spinosa. It is a unique but endangered sort, which is protected. The tree can not be cut down or be used by the locals. That is why Argan oil is the most expensive and exclusive oil of our products.

After our Morrocan experience, we began to explore nature’s many other oils and their different qualities and features. We often see these oils as one of the ingredients in various hair and skin care products, due to their amazing qualities. We have chosen the best of the best and created a series of 100% natural oils.

At Oils By Nature, we have a clear goal to give our customers the best experience possible with our oils. We strive to be as natural as possible with our product line, whích spares your skin and hair from unnecessary additives and chemical fillers. At Oils By Nature, we go by the principle that says an ingredient list shouldn’t be longer than one sentence. That is why our oils are all 100% products of nature and don’t consist of more than two natural ingredients.

As before mentioned our oils are made of 100% natural ingredients with the purpose of bringing nourishment, nurture and moisture, and much more to the thirsty skin and dull hair. Every day we are exposed to UV, germs, and wear and tear which makes our skin less resistant and unfortunately the skin doesn’t regenerate with age. On the other hand, there are a list of things we can do to protect our skin so it will become more resilient. Oils By Nature have created a series of oils, to make it easy for you to take care of your skin.