Business & Delivery conditions


1. In general

These business conditions apply for ALL transactions that have been made on or through this website. You express your agreement to the terms and conditions of this document through every action that expresses your consent. That includes clicking on any button with the words “I accept” etc. It also includes just using the website even if you haven’t read the terms and conditions. It is recommended that you save this text for your own documentation. If you place an order by us it is considered that you have read, understood, and accepted our terms and conditions (Also just stated as “Conditions”) If you do not accept that you are bounded by these conditions you cant use this website or make any transactions here. By accessing the site, using, or buying products through the site you confirm that you have read this agreement and understand and grant your agreement and consent to all terms and conditions.

2. Cancellation of orders and return policy

If you experience any kind of delay on your delivery of your order(s) you can contact our sales department on or visit us on

2.1 Return policy for shipping and handling of orders

Whether you cancel your order within the statutory right of return or not, you are responsible for paying for shipping and handling costs indicated by the transaction. The amount will be deducted from your registered credit card and you declare your consent by paying this amount no matter the time of cancellation. Have you encountered any faults or mistakes in your order, the company will pay this amount back if they agree with this. If you suspect a mistake in connection with your order, contact our support at The company reserves the right to make price changes without notifying you first. You have the right to cancel an order and get a refund for the purchase price if you do not accept these price changes.

2.3 Delivery time

Your order will be processed within 24 and 48 hours (on workdays). The expected delivery time is in accordance with your choice of delivery which is set at checkout. If you experience any kinds of delay in your delivery of your order(s) you can contact our support at Reasonable requests are usually granted, but this decision is solely the company´s.

3. Offers and temporary price reductions.

For your advantage, the company can temporarily reduce the price on your order due to promotion causes or to secure that your transaction can be completed through your credit card provider or another processor. If the company reduces the price on your orders as described here, you will be billed for the reduced price until the promotion period ends or when the company has secured the payment from your credit card provider or another processer. Then the products will be priced at normal rates without you being informed about this.

4. Satisfaction guarantee

If you are not satisfied with Oilsbynature for some reason you can cancel your order by contacting our support at within 30 days after the purchase in accordance with normal orders. After you have contacted the company and canceled your order you will receive a confirmation. After cancellation of an order, you need to return the unused parts of the product to the company as proof so you are entitled to a refund of the amount you paid (except for shipping-, handling and a 20% inventory replenishment fees). No matter the time of cancellation of the order the company can not give any refund or credit for any costs related to shipping or handling of any products delivered to you.

5. Return of products

To return a product that has been received in a damaged condition and should therefore be exchanged or to return an order within the return period you need to have received a confirmation for your return from the company. This approval can only be provided by contacting support by e-mail. When the products are returned to us, the customer has to specify if they want a refund or an exchange. Write the full name along with the order number on the package or bag containing the products. Return of products for exchange or to get a refund should be sent to: Danish Webstore Group ApS Møllevej 2A 9240 Nibe Denmark Company ID (CVR) 37640263 We are not responsible for lost or stolen items/products. We recommend that all products are returned throgh the use of a third-party shipping system that can ensure you a proper return.

6. Delivery conditions

When we deliver your order to you we make your shipment a priority and ship it within 48 hours. Be aware that our shipments are not sent on Saturdays, Sundays and on holidays. We do not guranteee the date or time of delivery. We do not give refunds or credit for accepted shipment costs. Exceptions can occur if the company finds this acceptable.

7. Information about products and disclaimer

It is our company’s mission to offer only the best products available to our customers. We believe in the functionality of the products we sell. However, you agree that statements on this Website, content for promotion, and the product itself have not been evaluated by the National Board of Health or international equivalents. Simoultanielsly the product is not meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any kinds of sickness or disease. Information provided on this website or by this company should not replace face-to-face consultation with a professional in the health care industry. As well should it not be considered medical advice as individual results can vary. We want you to have the most precise information about the product. All product specifications, performance data, and other information on our Website and subpages exist solely for informational and illustrative purposes and therefore do not constitute a guarantee that your chosen product will ensure you the same results. We do not guarantee that you will experience any specific or special advantages when using the product or that your experience with the product will be the same as everyone else’s. Individual results can vary from person to person.

8. Limitation of liability

To the extent that it is legally possible, the total compensation (whether in breach of contract, liability actions, or otherwise unlawful) will never exceed the price of the order placed. This applies regardless of whether the company was aware or advised in relation to potential damage, and regardless of whether the limited funds failed according to their immediate intent. Furthermore are we under no circumstances responsible for special, random, or indirect consequential injuries, lost profits, lost revenues, or coverage compensation. The products are sold and delivered to you as they are with no guarantee whatsoever. We make no explicit guarantees or representations, and we reserve the right to disclaim all warranties and representations. This includes no limits, suggested guarantees in relation to marketability, performance improvement, and protection against personal violation. Hasselager den 13 September 2019