Do you want thick and well-groomed hair? 5 tips to strengthen your hair

5 tips to strengthen the hair - blonde woman touches her hair

Hair strengthening tips: Do you find your hair dull and thin? Or do you suffer from hair loss, thin hair, or maybe hair that breaks all the time? Whether you are shedding more hair than usual or you just think your hair is thin and dull, these 5 tips to strengthen your hair can give it more volume and shine.

Why do some people experience hair loss and thin hair?

There can be many reasons for hair loss, thin hair, or hair that breaks. Many men experience early on that the hairline recedes or their hair become thin on the very top of the head, while for womens sake it´s more rare to lose hair.

But the fact is that beautiful hair means a lot for both men and women, and everyone dreams of having beautiful, thick, strong, and shiny hair.

Causes of hair loss include:

  • Genetics
  • Stress
  • Poor diet / lack of vitamins
  • Diseases
  • Over-treatment of the hair

Depending on why you are shedding or your hair is thin or dull, there are different methods to get thick, strong, and well-groomed hair.

5 good tips to strengthen the hair and avoid hair loss:

Dietary supplements for nicer, full-bodied hair

Today, there are lots of different ​​supplements and vitamin pills that are specially produced to give more full-bodied, stronger, and more shiny hair. Many people also take these vitamin pills to make their hair grow faster.

Which vitamins strengthen the hair? However, you do not have to spend a fortune on fancy vitamin pills. You can just go to your local pharmacy and buy strong B-vitamin pills – and if you suffer from severe hair loss, your doctor may prescribe even stronger vitamin pills for you. Vitamin B strengthens hair, skin, and nails, while at the same time improving your immune system – that way you can kill two birds with one stone.

Make sure you eat healthy and varied

You can not save a bad diet only with vitamin pills, and if you want healthy and strong hair, you have to make sure you get a healthy, varied, and vitamin-rich diet.

If you eat healthy, it is not only your body and the immune system that will be thankful – so will your hair. A healthy diet is the best thing you can do to ensure that your hair has the right conditions to become strong and thick.

Make sure you get plenty of protein so that your hair is able to strengthen. Therefore, eat plenty of beans, peas, lentils, nuts, and almonds if you want to avoid hair loss. In addition, wholemeal products, wheat germ, and yeast flakes are also good.

Stimulate hair growth by massaging the scalp

By massaging the scalp, you stimulate blood circulation, this way you can stimulate your hair growth. You can use this trick for getting longer hair, or if you want more or thicker hair, if you have problems with hair loss or thin hair.

You can do this every time you are in the shower when you use shampoo. Pretend you are at the hairdresser and spend a few minutes massaging well and thoroughly on the scalp. This will stimulate hair growth so that the hair grows faster and becomes thicker in appearance.

Once a week you can give yourself the luxury treatment where you massage the scalp in argan oil. Argan oil is good for both the scalp and hair. If you want to avoid hair loss and care for your hair so that you avoid dull hair, it is at least as important to keep the scalp healthy and moisturized. Massage argan oil into the scalp. Place a towel over the pillow and let it sit overnight. Rinse out the next day – just remember to apply shampoo before showering.

Where does argan oil come from?

Argan oil is squeezed out of argan kernels that grow on the argan tree, which grows in Morocco. The argan tree is endangered and is therefore protected by UNESCO. However, this does not mean that you can not buy argan oil with a good conscience, as you can make argan oil without having to cut down the trees.

What is argan oil?

Argan oil comes from the argan tree, which grows only in Morocco. By squeezing the seeds from the argan tree, you get 100% pure argan oil. To produce 1 liter of oil up to 80 argan fruits are used. The oil is rich in vitamin E and healthy fatty acids and is especially popular in hair care products.

Be sure to give your hair plenty of moisture and oils

Moisturized hair is healthy hair. And healthy hair breaks less, grows faster, and is, in general, the secret behind thick and well-groomed hair.

So remember to take care of your hair on a weekly basis with conditioner after each hair wash. In addition, you should use hair treatment at least once a week. You can make your own hair treatment with argan oil and shea butter, which you apply you hair and let sit. You can also mix argan oil in your conditioner to make it more caring.

If the hair is dull and dry, you can spread a little argan oil on the tips. It prevents split ends and your hair will eventually become stronger and healthier.

Avoid chemistry and heat

Chemistry and heat are some of the things that wear out your hair the most. If you have bleached your hair or dyed it too much, you may risk giving yourself what is called a chemical haircut. This means that your hair can break off – sometimes at the very bottom of your scalp. If you often use a flattening iron, curling iron, or hairdryer, your hair will also be damaged and is easier to break off.

Therefore, if you want thick, healthy, and well-groomed hair, you need to stop using the flattening iron, hairdryer, and dyeing your hair.

If you have become more interested, after the 5 tips to strengthen the hair, then you can read more about our natural oils that not only benefit the hair, but also the rest of the body.

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