Almond oil as a lubricant – a natural alternative?

Almond oil as a lubricant

What can you use as a lubricant? And is there a natural alternative to lube? Have you perhaps heard of almond oil as a lubricant? You have probably heard before that you can use oil as a lubricant. But did you also know that far from all oils are suitable for massage oil or lubricant?

If you are looking for a natural alternative to lube, then there is some good news: you can easily use oil that you may already have at home.

But be careful! Not all oils are the same optimal to use.

Which oils are good for lube?

Yes, it can be tempting to just grab the first one and the best when it gets hot in the bedroom. But if you get the the wrong one, it can end up doing much more harm than good.

Never use these oils as a lubricant:

  • Vaseline – Avoid vaseline unless you want inflammation in the vagina. Vaseline also dissolves condoms, which is worth keeping in mind.
  • Baby oil– yes, it seems nice, but it’s not. Although it can be used for babies, if it shouldn’t be used for intimate openings. As you risk vaginal fungus – and broken condoms.
  • Coconut oilcan be used in a narrow turn. If you do not use a condom. And be careful, because you still risk fungus, infection and allergic reactions.

You have probably ended up here because you want to know which oils are good for lube. The answer is that there are several oils that can work – but there is only one that is really good. The oil that is best as a lubricant? Almond oil.

Almond oil as a lubricant – a natural alternative

Almond oil is a true multi-tasker. Almond oil is not just the best oil for massage – you can use almond oil for very many different things.

What can you use almond oil for?

  • You can lubricate your pregnant belly in almond oil to soften and counteract itching
  • You can use almond oil as a moisturizing cream AND as a makeup remover
  • You can use almond oil for dry hair tips and as a hair treatment

And last but not least, you can use almond oil as a lubricant. That way you can combine a delicious, romantic massage with coziness under the sheets – without having to mess around the drawer for a lube.

Almond oil makes a massage more pleasant, it moisturizes the body – and then the oil makes sex a little more fun.

Therefore, almond oil as a lubricant is good

First of all, the oil works well as a massage oil – and sex and massage has always gone well together. Next, the oil has a delicious scent that is helps to create a good atmosphere in the bedroom. And then there is probably a oil, you already have either in the closet or in the kitchen. At the same time is almond oil neutral and mild in taste. Smart, right?

Almond oil works in exactly the same way as a lubricant, so you get a more ‘smoothing’ experience. But unlike many other alternatives, you do not risk that there is oil everywhere – almond oil as a lubricant is not greasing as much as other oils.

You can find Oils By Nature’s almond oil right here!

But remember – just like other oils, almond oil breaks down condoms. If you use a condom, it is worth considering whether almond oil is right for you. Do you not? Then just get started with the delicious almond oil!

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