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Almond oil

Almond oil can do wonders for your skin, hair and nails. A pure almond oil can therefore be worth its weight in gold to have at home as part of your skincare routine. Almond oil is one of the most multifunctional oils and there are almost no limits to what you can use it for. If you’re not sure what it can be used for, read on.

On this page you will find our delicious almond oils from our own brand Oils By Nature, which consists exclusively of: prunus amygdalus dulcis oil. The oils are 100% pure, so you can be sure that you are getting a product of fantastic quality. The oil comes in 100 ml bottles and if you add more than €50 to your basket, you even get free shipping.

What is almond oil and where does it come from?

You already know what an almond is, and you’ve probably come across it many times in everything from salads to marzipan to risalamande. The almond has often been used in conjunction with sweets, but the almond actually has much greater potential than that. A wonderful essential oil is extracted from the almond, which is suitable for a wide variety of uses, from cosmetics to skincare.

An almond is actually a nut – or seed (prunus amygdalus) – that comes from the almond tree. The almond tree is believed to have originated in the parts of China that later became the Soviet Union and Iran. In fact, the almond is considered to be one of the first crops to be cultivated. The almond tree thrives best in warm climates, and in Europe the almond tree is therefore only grown and cultivated in Spain and Italy.

There are two types of almond oil

Almond oil is used for cosmetic purposes as well as in the kitchen, and the difference between the two types of almond oil is usually the type of almonds it is made from. When talking about the cosmetic oil, it will usually be made from what is called sweet almonds. This is the type of almond that is best suited for massage, makeup and skin care.

When talking about almond oil for cooking, this kind of oil will most often be made from what are called bitter almonds – which may seem paradoxical when almonds are most often associated with sweet cuisine.

Almond oil – the multifunctional

Almond oil is what we’re tempted to call a multifunctional oil – that simply means it’s suitable for a multitude of purposes. That’s why it’s always good to have in the bathroom cabinet, as it’s a real multitasker. Almond oil is even the mildest of the essential oils.

Almond oil skin:

The almond oil is nourishing for the skin, which gets plenty of moisture. And although it’s an oil, it doesn’t clog pores – almond oil is particularly good for those with normal and dry skin, where the oil helps to retain skin moisture and restore balance.

But almond oil isn’t just perfect for facial skin. The oil can also be used as a body oil, massage oil, skin and hair care product, as a lubricant, for shaving or to give your own creams an extra boost of moisture.

Use almond oil for skin in your skincare routine

You’ve probably heard it before, but this bears repeating: skin is the body’s largest organ. The skin protects the body, so of course we need to treat our largest organ with care. It’s important that your skincare routine is weather-appropriate. In the summer, your skin may require less moisturising than in the winter, when more protective and in-depth care is needed. Only you know. In any case, it’s a great idea to incorporate almond oil into your skincare routine.

The four phases of the skin care routine

You can divide your skincare routine into four phases:

  • Clean
  • Crap
  • Serum
  • Almond oil

Start by cleansing your skin of impurities, sweat and makeup. Cleanse your skin with natural products to avoid exposing your skin to harmful chemicals and unnecessary parabens.

The next step in your skincare routine should be mist. A good mist balances the skin, moisturises and nourishes. Spray your mist on your body, then smooth it out.

The third step in the routine can be a serum. A serum can be omitted, but if you have problems with particularly dry skin, you should consider using a good serum. Apply the serum and leave it on for a few minutes.

Last step: almond oil. Almond oil softens your skin, nourishes and protects against other external contaminants. The previous three steps provide the best working conditions for the almond oil.

Almond oil hair

Almond oil can also be used for the hair. The oil has a wide range of ingredients that can strengthen the ends and scalp, leaving hair soft. Almond oil is also suitable for scalp massage, for which it is used by several masseurs. Our 100 ml bottle can therefore be used quickly when you can use the multifunctional almond oil for both skin and hair. Therefore, it is possible at Oils By Nature to buy a pack of 3* 100 ml oil.

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