Apricot Kernel oil (100 ml)


Apricot kernel oil is a nourishing skincare product extracted from the seeds of apricots, known for its moisturizing properties and ability to promote a healthy complexion.

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100 % organic
100 % organic
Cruelty-free ikon

Apricot Kernel oil (100 ml)

Apricot Kernel oil or Apricot oil is one of the finest oils you can get your hands on. The oil solely consists of the apricot fruit (Prunus Armeniaca) and is 100 % natural and multifunctional. This bottle contains 100 ml of Apricot Kernel oil and with the high content of vitamin A, C, and E the oil also has a nice effect on body and hair care. As before mentioned the oil is multifunctional which makes the possibilities endless.

Skin care:

The high content of vitamins makes the oil effective as part of one’s skincare. After applying Apricot Kernel oil the skin will not be left greasy and shiny. Our oil is very fluid and absorbs quickly into the skin which makes it the preferred choice. As a mild and moisturizing oil, it is especially suited for sensitive and dry skin. It relieves itching, irritation, and damaged skin – it will therefore restore the natural balance of the skin. With the high content of vitamins, this oil has an anti-age effect while working well on acne.

With makeup and creams:

The oil can also be used along with your makeup. The Apricot Kernel oil can be blended into one’s foundation to achieve a nice and natural foundation with an amazing glow. You can also achieve a better result from your creams and lotions by mixing it with this oil or using the oil alone for instance as a massage oil for both children and adults. The Apricot Kernel oil can be applied before or after creams if you wish to it complement the cream with it. It is very individual what works for people. Some prefer it before and other prefer it after so the best advice is to experiment with what works best for you.

Natural makeup remover

Our Apricot Kernel oil works great as a natural alternative for makeup remover and removes eye makeup easily without having to rub it off. Other than being able to remove your makeup, the oil adds a lot of nourishment to the skin and you will experience that the natural balance of the skin will be restored. This will leave the skin soft and moisturized.

Sensitive skin:

As before mentioned it also has an extraordinary effect on redness, so if your skin has an easy tendency to become red the oil can help with its active, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidants ingredients. The oil is mild so if you have sensitive skin you will still be able to enjoy the wonderful qualities of this oil.

Hair care:

The vitamin-rich oil is not just beneficial for the skin but also for the hair. With the high content of healthy fatty acids and vitamins, you will experience a healthy and shiny result in the hair by using this oil on a daily basis. Our Apricot Kernel oil has a restoring effect on the skin and moisturizes the hair, which will reduce sad and split ends. Apply a pump of oil on the hair tips or use it in connection with a hair treatment for instance.

Massage oil:

The oil, like many other oils, can also be used as a massage oil, as it quickly absorbs into the skin. You will not, in the same way as with many other oils, experience being sticky after a massage. The oil is mild and natural which means that your skin won’t get irritated after a round of massage with this oil.

The advantages of using Apricot Kernel oil:

  • Can be used for hair care
  • Can be used as or for hair treatment
  • Fights split ends
  • Can be used for skincare
  • Has a high content of vitamins
  • Fights sensitive and dry skin
  • Fights itching and damaged skin
  • Has anti-age effect

Oils By Nature

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