Get rid of dry hands with natural shea butter

Get rid of dry hands

Are you tired of dry hands? Under the circumstances of Covid-19, the government has had a strong focus on especially oral and hand hygiene. This meant that in March, there were several supermarkets and websites that had to report sold out of hand sanitizer due to the high demand.

To that extent, the Danes have had their hands smeared in many thousands of liters of hand sanitizer. At the same time, there are guides on how to thoroughly wash your hands, on both social media and in public. A mixture of thorough hand washing and overconsumption of hand sanitizer has therefore led to thousands of dry and cracking hands.

Therefore, we would, of course, like to give you, our best tips and tricks on how to get rid of dry hands and achieve soft and delicious palms again.

Hand masks with shea butter

Shea Butter adds moisture to the skin while adding a lot of vitamins. Shea Butter is filled with a lot of essential fatty acid and A and E vitamins, while protecting the skin from dehydration. It also has a great effect on rashes and damaged skin. Are your hands red, dry, chapped, extremely dry, or damaged then this hand mask is ideal for you.

Recipe: Say goodbye to dry hands

– Oils By Nature Sheabutter

– A hand cream

– A spoon

– A small bowl

– 2 bags

– 2 rubber bands

Here´s how you do it:

1. Mix approximately 5 grams of hand cream and 2 pumps of Shea Butter in a bowl.

2. Spread the cream on your hands

3. Lay a hand in each bag and put the rubber bandover the bag

3. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

4. Rinse the excess product off with warm water and dab your hands lightly.

Use the mask 1-2 times a week to maintain your soft and moist hands.

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See how we perform the hand mask in the video below.

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