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Almond Oil
Almond Oil will do nothing less than wonders for your skin, hair, and nails. A pure Almond Oil will therefore be amazing to have at home as a part of your daily care routine. The Almond Oil is one of the most multifunctional oils, and there are almost no limits to what the oil can´t be used for. If you are unsure about what the oil can be used for, then read more here.

Here on our website, you will find our spectacular Almond Oils from our own brand Oils By Nature, which consists exclusively of: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis Oil. The Oils are 100% clean so you can be sure that you will receive a product of amazing quality. The oils come in bottles of 100 ml and if you add products for more than 299 kr to your shopping basket, you will even get free shipping.
What is Almond Oil and where does it come from?
Naturally, you already know what an almond is, and you have probably seen it numerous times In everything from salads to desserts, and in marzipan. Almonds have often been used in connechtion with sweets and desserts, but it actually has a lot more potential than one might think. You can extract a wonderful etheric oil, which is very ideal for many different things including cosmetics and skin care.

An almond is actually a nut – or a seed (prunus amygdalus) – which comes from the almond tree. The almond tree originates from the parts of China, which later became The Soviet Union and Iran. And the almond is atually considered to be one of the very first crops to be grown. The almond tree thrives best in a warmer climate. That is why in Europe, the almond tree only grows in Spain and Italy.
There are two types of Almond Oil.
You can use Almond Oil for cosmetic purposes aswell as in the kitchen. The difference between the two oils are usually the type of almond it has been extracted from. The cosmetic oil, will usually be extracted from sweet almonds. These are the types of almonds who is wellsuited for massage, makeup and skin care.

Almond Oil was also suitable for cooking. These almonds will often be extracted from what is called bitter almonds. This is considered paradoxical when almonds often are associated with sweets and desserts.
Almond Oil – the multifunctional
Almond Oil is what we are tempted to call a multifunctional oil. That simply means that the oil is ideal for plenty of purposes. That is why it is always good to have in the toilet cabinet, because it is a true “multitasker”. The Almond Oil is even the mildest of all ethereal oils.
Almond Oil for skin:
The Almond Oil is very nurturing for the skin, and will therefore also increase the skin’s moisture. And even if it is an oil, it won’t clog up the pores. Almond Oil is especially good for you, with normal and dry skin. The oil helps preserve the moisture of the skin and restore balance.

But Almond Oil is not just the perfect solution for the skin on the face. The oil can also be used as body oil, massage oil, and be used for skin- and hair care. Here it can be used as a lubricant in connections with shaving or you can also use it as a boost to give your own creams some extra moisture.

Use Almond Oil for the skin in your skin care routine.
You have probably heard this before, but it is important to acknowledge: The skin is the body´s biggest organ. The skin protects the body, so of course, we have to treat our biggest organ carefully and with dedication. It is important to adjust your skin care routine to the current weather. In the summer your skin may require a treatment with less moisture than in the winter. In this colder time, a more protective and thorough treatment is necessary. Only you know that. However, it is a very good idea to incorporate Almond Oil in your skin care routine.
The four phases of skincare routine
You can split your skincare routine into four phases:

Almond Oil

Start by cleansing your skin from impurities, sweat, and makeup. Avoid unnatural products when cleansing your skin so your skin doesn’t get exposed to harmful chemicals and unnecessary parabens.

The next step in your skincare routine should be mist. A great mist balances your skin as well as moisturizes and adds nourishment to your skin. Spray your mist on your body, and smear it on your body.

The third step in the routine can be a serum. You can refrain from using a serum, but if you are dealing with dry skin, a serum might be the right choice for you. Apply the serum to your skin and let it sit for a few minutes.

The last step: Almond Oil. Almond Oil softens your skin, adds nourishment and protects it against external pollution. These prior three steps give the best conditions for the Almond Oil.
Almond Oil hair
Almond Oil can also be useful for the hair. The oil has a wide range of substances, to strengthen hair splits and scalp, which leaves the hair soft. Almond Oil is also suitable for scalp massage, which multiple masseuses actually use. Our 100 ml bottle is always useful to have when you need the multifunctional Almond Oil for hair and skin. That is why it is possible to buy a packet with 3* 100 ml oil at Oils By Nature.

You can also try to check out our other oils here on the website, and remember that you get free shipping when buying for more than 299 kr.

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