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Argan Oil
Argan Oil has found its way into many hearts as well as toilet cabinets and cosmetic products – and with good reason. The Oil moisturizes and nourishes while simultaneously laying a silky soft protection for dry skin and damages caused by wind, weather, and sun. Argan Oil makes the skin soft and flexible due to its vitalizing and regenerating qualities.

Explore our website, where you will find our own Argan Oil, Oils By Nature. The oil is 100% pure and freshly pressed from Marocco.
What is Argan Oil and where does it come from?
The exclusive Argan Oil has a wide range of qualities, which is also why it is a popular ingredient in everything from makeup to skincare to hair products.

The oil is pressed from argan kernels, which grows on the argan tree. The argan tree is endangered and is therefore protected by UNESCO. But that doesn’t mean you have to have a guilty conscience when buying Argan Oil. Argan Oil can be made without having to cut down the trees. The argan tree grows wild and naturally in Marocco, where our argan Oils also comes from. The tree also grows in other places, like Mexico, but here the trees don’t carry any fruit – and without any fruit, there are no kernels.

In Marocco, they have made a wide range of initiatives to secure the great conditions for the argan tree and rebuilt the population. Due to the tree being endangered, the locals can not cut down the trees – but they can pluck and/or gather the argan oils fruits from the trees. It is especially in the fruit where the kernels are located.

There are two types of argan oil
As a starting point, the argan oil can be divided into two types of oil: Cosmetic Argan Oil and eatable Argan oil. Although it is definitely the cosmetic argan oil we use the most here. The two oils are produced differently, where the eatable is roasted to get more flavor and scent from the kernels. There is a different procedure with the cosmetic Argan Oil. Both oils are often made by cold-pressing, as this preserves as much of the oil’s vitamins and qualities as possible.

Argan Oil is high on E vitamin, omega-3, omega 6- and -9, and antioxidants. This helps moisturize and nourish the skin, while still doing a great job at renewing the skin cells. This helps the skin get a younger look, restore balance, and makes the skin stronger and more flexible. At Oils By Nature, we offer 100 ml bottles, where you can buy one or our packet with three oils. Are you a big user and/or fan of our oils, we recommend the packet with three oils, in which case you will get free shipping.
Use Argan Oil in your skin care routine
If you wish to enjoy the many qualities of Argan Oil, you can use it in different steps of your skincare routine – which includes everything from cleansing the face to facemasks. Here you can get a couple of tips and tricks to help show you how to use Argan Oil for your skin:
Argan Oil as face cream
You can use Argan Oil as a nurturing and moisturizing face cream. By massaging the Argan Oil into the face, you can remove makeup and impurities. The oil dissolves makeup remains and dirt – and it easily removes mascara. Wipe excess oil and makeup off with a cotton pad or facecloth. The oil helps protect the pores against waste, so you avoid impure skin and clogged pores.
Argan Oil as face oil
Use Argan Oil on your skin and effectively prevent and nourish dry skin. By using Argan Oil, you stimulate your skin to produce new skin cells, so you get a beautiful glow and silky smooth skin. Use the oil before, after, or mixed with your favorite cream. Vitamin E preserves the flexibility of the skin, and can therefore be used as anti-age when applying it directly on the skin or mixed in your day cream.
Argan Oil as body oil
You can use Argan Oil directly on your body or choose to blend it in your body lotion to get extra nourishment. If you use it directly on your skin, you should do it as soon as you step out of the water. The skin will absorb the oil more easily when it is slightly moist and then you will get the most out of your oil. If you have dry skin you can use a body lotion with a lot of fat afterward. With the great content of E vitamin, the skin will preserve its flexibility and elasticity.

Argan Oil can be used for many purposes, and the sky’s the limit. Almost everything is possible with our Argan oil in your skincare routine.
How to use our Oils By Nature Argan Oil in your hair
A lot of shampoos, balms, and hair treatment products contain argan oil, and with good reason. Argan Oil nurtures the hair, so you can get that healthy, thick, and shiny hair you have always dreamt about. But why settle for products with a bit of argan oil? With our Oils By Nature Argan Oil, you can get the exquisite Argan Oil in its purest form. The qualities of the oil adress the nurturing of the hair. Here it also cares intensely for the hair, while not being as greasy as many other oils.

Our Argan Oil consists solely of pure Argania Spinosa which means it is 100 % natural and pure oil. When you buy our packet with three Argan Oils you get free shipping.

The pure Argan Oil can be used in many ways when it comes to nurturing your hair. Here we have gathered three tips to show you how to use Argan Oil for the hair:

Argan Oil hair:

You can use it as a hair treatment, where you massage the pure oil in the hair (including the scalp – it benefits from nurture and caregiving). Let it sit for the night, but don’t forget to spread shampoo in the hair before rinsing with water.

You can nurture your hair tips and prevent split ends by spreading a bit of oil in dry hair. It gathers your hair tips and gives it a nice glow while simultaneously nurturing your hair. This is especially good for you with curled or ruffled hair, as this prevents ruffled and frizzy hair. Vitamin E helps heals the worn strands of hair and contributes to the blood circulation and oxygen supply. This way the hair will stay healthy and strong.

You can blend a bit of Argan Oil in your balm or hair treatment to make It a hair mask, to nurture your hair. Let the hair mask sit for as long as possible and rinse it afterward. If you feel that your hair stays greasy you can advantageously add shampoo to dry hair, and rinse it afterward according to your usual bathing routine.

The many qualities of the Argan oil:
The sky is the limit for what to use our Argan Oil for when it comes to cosmetics and skincare. Here we have gathered some of what our pure Argan Oil from Oils By Nature can be used for:

Skincare – to be used directly on the skin and/or blended in some of your products
Haircare – to be used directly in your hair and/or blended in some of your products
Nail care – It is perfect for dry cuticles and it makes the nails stronger and healthier.
Lip care – the oil provides moisture to dry and chapped lips
For your scalp against scale, dandruff, and fungus.
For wounds, scratches, and inflammation.
For dry skin and eczema
In homemade body scrubs
For burn wounds and sun damage
For pimples and impurities, due to the oils cleansing effect (removes waste products, which clogs up the pores)
Prevents and fights superficial stretchmarks
It relieves scratching from insect bites such as mosquito
To remove makeup – a natural alternative

The healing effect of the Argan Oil
The Argan Oils many vitamins, antioxidants, and fatty acids to protect hair and skin, but did you know that it also has healing effects? The oil can be used for damaged skin – for instancece wounds, sunburned skin and eczema rash. The oil strengthens the cell renewal in your skin and therefore your skin produces faster new and healthier skin in the affected area. The high content of fatty acid has an anti-age effect so the skin remains tight and flexible. This means that the oil can be used for superficial stretchmarks, face wrinkles as well as pigments. It is for this reason that Argan Oil often appears in skincare products and anti-age creams.
Buy your Argan Oil online at Oils By Nature
Our Argan Oil is made from argan kernels from Morroco so you are always guaranteed 100% pure Argan Oil. When you buy products made from pure Argan Oil, it is important that it is made from one ingredient only. We appreciate high-quality and make it an honor to assure the quality of all of our products. When you shop at Oils By Nature, we offer free shipping when you buy for more than 299 kr. Here on our website, you can also buy our other products, which are Almond Oil, Shea Butter, and Apricot Kernel Oil. All of them are high-quality natural oils!

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