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Shea Butter
Here on our website, you can frolic in our nice 100% natural products. You will find Apricot Kernel Oil, Argan Oil, Almond Oil and last but not least you will also find our Shea Butter, which has been extracted by African sheanuts. Shea Butter is often used in cosmetics, moisturizing creams, lotions, and ointment in the entire world. And there are specific reasons for this, which is elaborated here on the website.

We offer Shea Butter from our own brand Oils By Nature which is 100% natural.
What is Shea Butter and where does it come from?
Shea Butter originates from the shea nut which grows on the shea tree in big parts of Africa. From April until September the fruits are harvested, which in many ways remind of chestnuts. In this time the food supply is often about to run out in the African and poor countries. The pulp in shea fruit contains proteins, minerals, and vitamins – and it has a fatty stone. It is this stone, which is converted into shea butter.

In Africa, Shea Butter is extremely important for survival, as it is the only vegetable fat source to use in cooking for millions of people. Shea Butter is an important food product in Africa, but it is not necessarily the same for us. It has a lot of other great qualities, which the rest of the world has realized.
What is Shea Butter good for?
Shea Butter has a high content of antioxidants which is particularly caring for the skin. And is therefore blended in creams all over the world. For many years it has been a known fact among African women that shea Butter has wound healing and UV-absorbing effect. This fact is now known worldwide among American, European, and Japanese women. Products containing Shea Butter have since then been very popular worldwide.

That is also why we carry Shea Butter here on our website. It has amazing abilities to moisturize the skin and it is rich in E-vitamin and A-vitamin. On top of that, it is multifunctional and it has a lot of different qualities which are mentioned below.

What qualities does Shea Butter have?
Shea Butter has a lot of different qualities:

Skin-tightening effect
It has a good effect on stretch marks, as it enhances the suppleness of the skin
It protects the skin from dehydration
It prevents aging
It helps fight rash and ezema
Nail care – it is perfect for the nail cuticles while making the nails healthier and stronger
Haircare – it can be used for dry hair tips and it adds moisture to the hair scalp
Works great as a lip scrub for dry lips

The specialty of Shea Butter is it’s moisturizing effect on the skin You can advantageously use Shea Butter all year round, as it is not just good after tanning but can also moisturize winter cold skin, which has been damaged by cold weather. Shea Butter protects your skin from dehydration, and in Denmark can occur both in the summer and winter.

As before mentioned Shea Butter contains two vitamins – A and E-vitamins. From the high content of E-vitamins in Shea Butter, the skin will preserve its flexibility and elasticity which means that Shea Butter does a great job at preventing stretch marks.

Is your skin peeling, do you suffer from rash or do you just have dry skin? If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you can use Shea Butter, as it will actively ease these problems. Shea Butter even has a tightening effect on your skin, whereas you can use it for anti-age care on your skin. Another great advantage of Shea Butter is its very beneficial effect on insect bites, sun damage, and eczema.

Simultaneously Shea Butter is perfect for nail care, as it remedies the problematics around the nail cuticles. The oil also contributes to making the nails stronger and healthier. For lip care, Shea Butter also has amazing abilities and works well as a lip scrub for dry lips.

Maybe you think Shea Butter is only dedicated to women. That is definitely not the case. Many men also use Shea Butter for shaving to achieve a perfect result and well-moisturized skin. Shea Butter will also help maintain the natural balance of the skin.
Shea Butter – also for the hair
Shea Butter is a wonderful and multifunctional product, which makes the possibilities endless. Due to the moisturizing element, it can also be used as a hair treatment for dry, damaged, and dull hair. It especially has a great effect on dry and dull hair tips – for both men and women. Shea Butter will also strengthen your hair, as it restores the hair scalp and the hair follicles which gives you healthy fast-growing hair.

TIP! Is your hair tired and filled with split ends? Use our Shea Butter as a moisturizing cure for your hair. Even for your hair scalp. Use Shea Butter in your hair after you have rinsed it in warm water. Massage Shea Butter into the hair wrapped in a towel and let it sit for 15-20 minutes. Wash the oil out and your hair and scalp are moist by the Shea Butters amazing moisturizing effect.
How do you use Shea Butter?
How big a dosage of Shea Butter you should use really depends on how big an area of skin or hair you want to moisturize. Shea Butter is usually very easy to handle. Take a little pump of Shea Butter into the hands and warm it up. Apply it to the desired area.

How is Shea Butter applied? It is important that the product is warmed up well. Next, it is important to gently and thoroughly massage Shea Butter into the skin to get the best result. Shea Butter is easy to work with, and when you have gotten used to the product you will find out how big amounts you need. It is very individual.

TIP! Make your own hand mask with Shea Butter:

Shea Butter adds moisture to the skin while adding a lot of vitamins. Shea Butter is filled with a lot of essential fatty acid and A and E vitamins, while protecting the skin from dehydration. It also has a great effect on rashes and damaged skin. Are your hands red, dry, chapped, extremely dry, or damaged then will this hand mask be ideal for you.

Recipe: Say goodbye to dry hands

– Oils By Nature Shea Butter

– A hand cream

– A spoon

– A small bowl

– 2 bags

– 2 rubber bands
Here´s how you do it:
1. Mix ca. 5 grams of hand cream and 2 pumps of Shea Butter in a bowl.

2. Spread the cream on your hands

3. Lay a hand in each bag and put the rubber bandover the bag

3. Let it sit for 15-20 minutes.

4. Rinse the excess product off with warm water and dab your hands lightly.

Afterward, your hands will be moisturized and fresh from the oil’s amazing qualities. Use the mask 1-2 times a week to maintain your soft and moist hands.
What is the price of Shea Butter?
There is a vast number of different Shea Butter products and therefore there is also a wide price range. At Oils By Nature, we prioritize that our products are 100 % natural.

Our bottles of Shea Butter come in 100 ml and the price is 69 kr. If you add products for more than 299 kr. to your shopping cart, you will get free shipping.

We know from experience that when our customers have tried our Shea Butter, they keep Shea Butter as fixed inventory in their bathroom cabinet. That is why you can always start by buying a bottle and afterward you can take advantage of our 3 x 100 ml offer for 189 kr.
Buy Shea Buttter online from Oils By Nature
Where can you buy Shea Butter? Right here on or Oils By Nature, can you buy our Shea Butter in 100 ml bottles and if you buy for more than 299 kr. you will get free shipping. When you buy from Oils By Nature you can always be sure to get products without any harmful chemicals. That is why we think you should buy Shea Butter from us and not from anyone else, as it is the best for your skin.