Scale on the scalp – 100% natural treatment

Scale on the scalp can be treated with our 100% natural argan oil

Small white irritating skin flakes, which are easily visible to everyone’s eyes, which roam your hair. Scale. In addition to its appearance, it causes itching, which can be very bothersome to you and your scalp. But don’t worry, there is a solution to treat or prevent this frustrating problem on the scalp.

What is scale?

Even though it looks unhygienic and unhealthy, it is completely natural, and a lot of people suffer from this. All of us can get scale on the scalp – both women and men, but men are more prone to this problem because they have a higher testosterone level. Scale on the scalp is simply dead skin cells, and it is therefore a completely natural replacement of the skin cells of the skin in the scalp when the dead skin cells are sprinkled off. Scale can cause itching and irritation at the scalp and it can feel completely unbearable. However, it is important to point out that scale on the scalp is not contagious and is completely harmless, and in the vast majority of cases, it can therefore be removed easily with the right treatment.

Why do you get a dry scalp?

You often get a dry scalp because you use a hair shampoo with too many SL- sulfates. In addition, your well-being is also of great importance to the skin of the scalp, as stress, dehydration, and poor diet can manifest in your scalp and can lead to greater production of dead skin flakes, and make the scalp dry.

Why do you get scale?

Scale is very common and many people suffer from scalp disorders and problems. Scale is not only caused by one thing, and therefore there may be several explanations and reasons why the many white skin flakes on the scalp have occurred. It can, amongst other things, come from a fungal infection, scalp disease, and from a dry and irritated scalp.

Why do you get scale?

You’re not alone. While this can be very shameful and embarrassing with dandruff on the scalp, this is very common and many people suffer from the disorder and the problem. But in order to treat the problem and find out what one can do, one needs to know why the many white skin flakes have turned up in one’s scalp. Scales is not only caused by one thing and therefore there can be several explanations and reasons why scale in your case has turned up. It can, among other things, come from a fungal infection, scalp disease, and from the dry and irritated scalp, which is reviewed right here:

Fungal infection:

If you get scale due to a fungal infection, it is typically the yeast fungus pityrosporum ovale. This is a very common fungus we all have in the scalp, but if there is an overgrowth of the yeast fungus pityrosporum ovale, it causes the scale in the scalp. The fungus pityrosporum ovale increases the production of dead skin cells, which therefore results in a greater amount of scale being expelled from the scalp. The scale on the scalp in fungal infection will often show up on a more oily scale, where scale can be seen as drier if it is for other reasons. The body itself is responsible for regulating that such overgrowth does not occur. The reason for the overgrowth of the fungus can therefore be due to imbalances in the body, for example, weakened immune system, penicillin regimen, or other. The yeast fungus is the most common cause of scale on the scalp, but there are other conditions that can cause the small irritating white dead skin cells in the scalp.

Other scalp disorders:

Causes of scale on the scalp can also be due to other scalp disorders. It can be seborrheic dermatitis, also known as scaly eczema. Scale eczema is a skin disease that affects many people every year. Scale eczema can be very bothersome for your body and your scalp, as in most cases it is not just your hair that eczema can be found in. In addition, scale can also be caused by psoriasis, which can be found in several different degrees of severity and which causes scale. In such cases, it may be a good idea to contact a doctor or dermatologist who can provide help with treatment tailored to the scalp disorder in your hair.

Dry and irritated scalp:

Another reason for scale on the scalp may be that the scalp is dry and irritated. It will show up as dry skin cells, where scale due to fungal infection shows a more oily scale. If your scalp is dry, there are several different factors including stress, poor diet, or the wrong choices of products for your scalp which can make your scalp dry. Dry scalp is often because you use a hair shampoo with mixed other too many SL sulfates. By using such shampoo, the skin and your scalp can become irritated and dry out. In addition, your well-being is also of great importance to the skin of the scalp, as stress, dehydration, and poor diet can manifest in your scalp and can make it drier and lead to greater production of dead skin flakes.

NOTE: Be careful not to scratch your scalp because it bothers the skin even more and you may get sores on the scalp which can aggravate the condition further.

Argan oil is a natural solution for treating scale on the scalp

Get rid of scale with argan oil:

Fortunately, the annoying and annoying problem of scale can often be treated, but there are many options on the market, both good but also less effective. Treatment for scale can be done using various shampoos, ointments, and creams, but there are also good ways to treat scale naturally. Our 100% natural argan oil has a beneficial effect against the treatment of scale and dry scalp, as it is a very good idea to treat with a natural product against an already irritated and dry scalp. The oil goes in and enhances the cell renewal in your skin, and therefore your skin more quickly produces new good healthy skin on the damaged area. In addition, it also adds moisture to your hair, which is extremely essential for treating dry scalp and itching.

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How to use argan oil for a dry scalp:

So how do you use the popular and good argan oil? Follow the guide below for treating scale with argan oil or try it out and find out what works just for you.

  • Spread a little argan oil on your fingertips
  • Then massage the oil into the scalp
  • It is important that you distribute the argan oil in a thin and even layer
  • Let the oil sit in the hair and work its magic
  • Rinse the oil out and avoid getting shampoo or other products in the hair after

TIP: You can advantageously apply argan oil in your hair in the evening and let it sit overnight and rinse out the next morning.

Repeat this 1-2 times a week to prevent or remove scale from the scalp.

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