Use oils to treat and prevent rosacea and red skin


There are plenty of ​​products that claim that they can reduce and even completely remove rosacea. Red skin is a kind of chronic disease. But if you have problems with this, you probably also know that there is a long way between the snaps and many products can be full of chemistry.

If you then prefer the natural choice and would like to avoid unnecessary chemistry in your skincare as much as possible, luckily this is a possibility too. There are for example completely natural oils that can be used effectively in the treatment and prevention of red skin.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin disease that is caused by a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin. This condition causes the skin to flare up and turn red. Not only can this be a cosmetic nuisance, but it can also feel very uncomfortable.

Up to 5 percent of women suffer from the chronic skin disease, and every year more and more people are diagnosed with it. The disease comes in outbreaks and therefore you can go in periods where nothing happens and your skin is fine. While in other periods you experience bad outbreaks. Therefore, it is also absolutely essential that you manage to do the right thing to prevent future outbreaks.

Are rosacea and red skin the same?

Many people tend to blush, but it is not the same as having rosacea. Red skin can occur if your skin is dry, irritated and etc. While the disease is more of a symptom, where you can, amongst other things, reduce the red skin by changing your diet.

Where red skin can cause flushing cheeks or redness around the nostrils, with rosacea you can experience both red skin, inflammation-like conditions with inflamed buds, dilated blood vessels, and general facial redness.

However, whether you ‘just’ have a tendency to easily blush or you have rosacea, it is important that you manage to keep your skin moisturized and avoid products that can irritate your skin and ultimately aggravate the red skin.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a skin disease that is caused by a chronic inflammatory condition of the skin that causes the skin to flare up and turn red. This can be a cosmetic nuisance, but in addition, it can also feel very uncomfortable. Therefore, it is also absolutely essential that you manage to do the right thing to prevent outbreaks.

Can you get rid of rosacea completely?

Rosacea is a chronic disease but can be kept down by proper skincare and an adapted diet. For example, many people find that their rosacea worsens when they eat strong and spicy food, drink alcohol, or expose their skin to direct sunlight.

You can have the disease in several different degrees, and depending on whether you are very or slightly affected, there may be a difference in how many measures are needed to prevent and treat the skin.

Who affected by rosacea?

In Denmark, between 3-5 percent are affected, and although everyone can get the skin disease, it is especially women who gets it. In addition, it is most often people with light skin who are affected.

For most people, the first signs of the skin disease will show up in their late twenties – and the truth is that even the best can be affected. So even if you have not experienced inflammation in the skin in the form of, for example, acne, you may well develop rosacea later in life.


The skin disease can show in several different ways and you can be affected to a very different degree of the skin disease. You can get rosacea on the body, in the face, in the scalp, and also around the eyes.

There are several forms of skin disease that affect different places, where some, for example, experience rosacea in the eyes.

Alternative and natural treatment

Although rosacea can be experienced as very unpleasant – and certainly not desirable, fortunately, there are many things you can do to prevent and treat the skin.

Make sure you have a good skincare routine

First and foremost, it is absolutely essential that you keep your skin clean and hydrated. There are many different creams for rosacea, but something as simple as an oil will for many be the best and most natural choice.

A cream that you get from your doctor can dry out the skin a lot. For some, medical treatment will be needed, while others may settle for a treatment with oil. However, it is important that you make sure to moisturize the skin. The best oil for rosacea is apricot kernel oil. The oil moisturizes in the depth of the skin, and unlike many creams, you avoid irritating the skin with alcohol, perfume, and other chemicals.

Therefore use apricot kernel oil to care for your skin:

  • The oil reduces red skin
  • Emollient without greasing
  • Rich in vitamins A, C, and E.
  • Contains natural antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that helps keep the inflammation down
apricot kernel oil
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