What is Apricot Kernel Oil?

What is Apricot Kernel Oil?

By squeezing the seeds from apricots, you get a 100% pure and natural apricot kernel oil. But what is apricot kernel oil really? Apricot kernel oil contains a wide range of vitamins, such as vitamins A, C, and E. These vitamins are often used in both makeup and skincare. Thus, oil is especially good for face and body care. The apricot kernels contain between 40 – 50% oil, which can be extracted by both cold pressing and direct pressing.

The mild apricot kernel oil has a golden color and a delicious, nutty fresh scent. Apricot kernel oil can be compared to both peach and almond oil, which are also extracted from kernels.

The apricot fruit

The tree on which apricots grow grows about 4 meters high. It is a subtropical tree with reddish flowers. The apricot fruit is an orange-yellow, juicy stone fruit, with a diameter of about 3 to 4 centimeters.

The 100% natural apricot kernel oil is especially good for hair, skin, and face care. It can even be used by nut allergy sufferers and can be used to advantage against dried-out skin of for example baby skin.

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What is apricot kernel oil for the skin? Everything you need!

A pure and natural alternative to skin care is apricot kernel oil. The oil can be used in its pure form, but you can also mix it with your favorite creams, to get more moisture and care out of your creams. It is thin and penetrates the skin quickly. This means that apricot kernel oil does not leave the skin oily, as many other oils do.

What is apricot kernel oil good for?

Apricot kernel oil is loved by many people, especially those who experience dry and/or irritated skin because it nourishes the skin and rebuilds the skin’s natural balance. It is, among other things suitable for eczema skin. Apricot kernel oil is very mild and moisturizing, leaving the skin with a natural glow without being greasy. Even if you have sensitive skin, you will also be able to enjoy the many benefits of the oil.

The oil, like many other oils, can also be used as a massage oil, as it quickly absorbs into the skin. You will not, in the same way as with many other oils, experience being sticky after a massage.

A good tip: if you feel your foundation is too dull or lacks glow, you can advantageously mix 1 to 2 drops of apricot kernel oil in it. By doing so, you will get a natural and delicious foundation with a nice glow.

Apricot kernel oil for the hair

Apricot kernel oil is a vitamin-rich oil that not only works on the skin. The oil also has a restorative effect on the hair. It can help reduce split ends and provide moisture to the hair. The oil can both be used clean in the hair, but can also be mixed with your favorite hair treatment.

For extra moisture and care for your hair, you can distribute the oil in dry or damp hair. Leave it in the hair for 2-4 hours. If you find it necessary, you can wrap your hair and let it work overnight.

When you need to get it out of your hair, it is important that you distribute shampoo in your hair before getting your hair wet. If you start by getting it wet, it will be very difficult to get out. Once you have distributed the shampoo in the dry hair, rinse with water and then you can start your normal bathing routine. Subsequently, you will find that your hair has cared for in-depth, is shinier, and has gained moisture.

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