What is Argan oil?

What is argan oil?

What is argan oil? In parts of Morocco grows the rare argan tree By squeezing the kernels from the argan tree, you get 100% pure argan oil, which in Morocco isn’t new. There are long traditions of use in Morocco, but only in recent years has the rest of the world become aware of the possibilities of argan oil, which is especially good for skin, hair and nails.

The freshly squeezed argan oil consists of 80% unsaturated fatty acids. It primarily consists of linoleic acid which stimulates the blood circulation in the skin. The others are omega 9 fatty acids (which are found in our skin beforehand), palm acid which is a protective and moisturizing antioxidant, stearic acid which has a moisture-regulating effect and vitamin E.

But what is argan oil made of?

The argan tree is a large tree on which the fruits grow. It can withstand harsh weather conditions in the area. Over the years, the tree has adapted to the dry climate with large temperature fluctuations, and thanks to its deep root system, the tree can also withstand the semi-desert of the area.

The tree can live for up to 200 years and grow up to 10 meters. Most of the year the tree withers, but after rainy periods it is revived and the fruit of the tree grows. The process for the kernels is long and it takes no less than two years to mature.

That is how argan oils is made

Every fruit on the argan tree contains a core – or fruit stone. If the fruit stone is broken, you will find 1-3 small kernels, which by cold pressing release the argan oil that we know.

For the production of one liter of oil, 80 kg of fruit must be used. To this day it is still the local Berber women who are in charge of the process, and this tradition is passed down from generation to generation.

Useage of argan oil

The 100% pure argan oil can be used for both skin, hair and nails. You can read more about argan oil as a hair care and as a fantastic and natural remedy for the face.

To get inspired to use argan oil, you can watch the video here where Oils By Nature Argan Oil is used for a delicious hair treatment.

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